The rest of the PDX Story

We had a really nice time in PDX with the associated festivities surrounding my Cousin Erin’s HS graduation. Sunday dawned humid. We made our way out to Multnomah Falls for the gorgeous view of the Falls anthe Columbia river Gorge.

Last part of the trip: Winding North through Oregon

After Shasta we wound through Klamath Falls, the Cascades and The Willamette Valley. Eugene to Salem to Portland. On arrival at the Max Station for transfer to the airport to pick up my rental, Foursquare helpfully noted that this stop was the best for procuring good quality Weed and Meth. Stay Weird Portlandia. Anyone need…

Mount Shasta

Absolute gorgeousness don’t you agree? Incredible views! One of the highlights of the trip so far!

Midnight Train to Portland

So here we go on my adventure to Portland. I decided that this would be a fun alternative to endless airport terminals. We pulled out of San Jose just a tad late at around 2050. For the first hour or so I am in a bulkhead seat that has about 0 legroom. The lady across…